What Makes a Drug Rehab Program Effective


According to SAMHSA statistics, there has been more than a 20% increase in heroin and other opiate related admissions in substance abuse treatment facilities. Of those, 17% of admissions were related to marijuana. The age group of 25 to 29 years showed the highest proportion of patients at 14.8%. While success rates are usually not revealed, there are certain points which can make a drug rehabilitation program effective.

Treatment Varies from Person to Person

Different patients have different characteristics. This means that a single treatment cannot be used for everyone. Also, people are inherently different and work with different motivators. Some are more religious in their approach while others go forward with sheer willpower. The treatment should take into account ethnicity, gender, race and culture as these factors are important in a drug rehab program. Statistics show that of the total admissions, 60% were whites, 21% were African-Americans, and 14% were Hispanic/Latino. The success of a drug rehab program depends on its effectiveness to locate the different treatments. It is important that setting and environment are taken into account. The success of the treatment might depend on it.

Treatment Should Address All the Problems

It is true that the person has been admitted into the facility for addiction problems related to a particular drug, narcotic, or alcohol. However, their complete well-being depends on a wholesome treatment. Thus, the treatment should not just target their addiction but their mental, physical, personal, and psychological health as well. Any associated problems related to the abuse need to be taken care of.

Treatment Needs to Continue for an Adequate Time

The adequate rehab time depends a lot of what drug abuse problems the person was dealing with and the degree of their addiction. A minimum duration of 3 months is required to have any positive effect on the person. However, the rehab process is long and requires a lot of patience. The person needs many treatment episodes to be fully treated. Many times, the patient relapses and the treatment needs to be started again. If an individual leaves rehab sooner than needed, then the chances of relapse are increased. This is why a good rehab program needs to have motivation techniques to keep the patient in the facility.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Needed to be Effective

Like treatments, different therapies work for different patients. An effective rehab program needs to use the right combination of therapies on the patient. The idea is not just to end the addiction but by therapy, the patient’s resistance to drugs can be improved. They also focus on positive motivation for abstinence, replacing drug use with other fulfilling activities and improving relationships with others. Individual and group therapy is also common. Some people need family counseling as well.

Drug rehab is difficult and many patients relapse during their treatment. An effective drug rehab program keeps them motivated to a realistic level. The program needs to teach people that it is okay if they slip-up, but they have to try harder the next time. These points ensure that the program is a success and patients give up the drug use.


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