What to do if your drug rehab program isn’t working for you

Effective Drug Rehab

It is extremely important to be sure you work with a rehab program which is effective and works for you. Relapse is common and is a 16genuine concern when looking into rehabilitation. This means that for your addiction, you need to make sure you make the best decision possible when it comes to rehab.

There are many approaches to rehab. Different approaches work for different people.  For example, there are 12 Step programs, cognitive behavioral therapy, out-patient facilities, in-patient facilities, group therapy, art therapy, and more. One of these approaches may work for you or a combination of approaches might work better.

If you are working in a program that isn’t effective or addressing all of your needs, don’t give up.  You have options:

  • Option 1:  Research other rehab methods.

One of the reasons people give up on rehab is they don’t know there are other types of rehab programs out there. In addition to the relatively common 12 Step programs, you can find indigenous (Native American) programs, faith-based programs, one-on-one therapy options, and more.  There are 30-day programs, 90-day programs, medical detox programs, and holistic centers that utilize a number of different methodologies.

The rehab method you have picked is not the end-all of drug rehab. Your best bet is to see if there is a program which allows you to consider a combination of rehab methods – like the holistic program offered at Best Drug Rehab.

  • Option 2: Discuss your situation with your advisor or counselor.

If your counseling or support group isn’t working for you, discuss the problem privately with your advisor, counselor, or mentor.  They may be able to advise you, refer you to a different program, or help you with what you are running into.

  • Option 3: Talk to friends and family about your options.

There are situations where an addict, who is not getting the help they need to solve their addictive behavior, may not feel comfortable talking to those in his or her support group.  Perhaps they fear the consequences of revealing that they are failing where others are succeeding.  Maybe they feel they will be judged.

Chances are, none of these people will judge you. However, it is best to talk to someone you know will not judge you. Often, the best people to reach out to are your friends and family.  Even if you feel they will be disappointed that things are not going exactly as planned, they are likely to be very receptive to your situation.

Discuss what is happening openly and honestly with a person you trust.  Find out from them what they advise.  Perhaps they will help you research different rehab methods to try.  Perhaps they know someone who has run into a similar situation that they can connect you with.  In any case, they will probably help you if you ask for it.

  • Option 4: Try other rehab methods.

There is nothing wrong with trying different methods of rehab.  Make sure you fully understand the principles behind the method you are trying and that you dedicate yourself to using this method to get better.

With your own decision to get better and all the varied methods of rehabilitation available, you can succeed in getting and staying clean.


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